Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sky Rocket

Wow, my views are really sky rocketing today! I noticed I've gonna a ton of views on my post about virgin mobile....? Ummmm okay! That's an interesting post to have payed attention to but either way, lol. I'm starting to think about Vlogging again, mosty because ast time I mentioned doing it I wussed out. Sometimes I'm just not sure of wha to talk about! Oh well, most of you people know me and for those who don't, I usually run my mouth for long periods of time. WOOTWOOT FOR A SKY ROCKETING BLOG! Thanks guys :)

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I have a challenge for you guys! Megan and I got through an HOUR STRAIGHT of this, how long can you last? You aren't allowed to stop watching, even for a fraction of a second. If you have to go to the bathroom, take your iPhone with you. If all fails, just turn the volume up loud enough so you can hear it. Comment on the Nyan Cat post and tell me how long you lasted!