Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hyper, Yet Inspirational For Doctors and Dentists

It's 10 and I'm really hyper and I'm not sure why. I didn't have mountain dew, so it wasn't that. Maybe it was the cookies I just had(yummmmm). How am I supposed to sleep!?!?!?!?! On second thought I guess it doesn't really matter since I'm not going to school tomorrow. Trust me, I wish I was. Instead of having a fun day with my friends, I have to go to a Dentist or something in Richmond to get my wisdom teeth looked at. Apperently they need to be checked now because my Ortho said that they WILL cause problems in my future. Nice to know, eh? -.- The point is, I do not enjoy pain OR peoples hands near my face. So please. Just. Go. Away. I wish there was a way to check and clean teeth without people being so close to your face. Unfortunately the world is probably always going to be like this, awakward people having their hands in your mouth, being all up in your face to try to see something. I hate doctors and dentists. At the same time, I feel kinda bad for them because they're not really appreciated that much. People in this world today (like me) hate on dentists and doctors because they're all up in their personal space. What we don't dig out from deep inside is that we actually appreciate these people for healing us. I actually never really thought of any of that until now. I'm feeling extremely inspirational and sympathetic at the moment. Just because I said all this, I shall thank the dental dude that's gonna tell me about my teeth tomorrow. WOOTWOOT for doctors and dentists, they deserve it.

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