Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Mommy Rooster

Why don't you get a blog? It's eaaassy peaaasy. Even though I've always thought that's a stupid phrase. But yeah anyway, it's simple. Mommy Rooster, you already have a google account, so it's easy for you to make a blog. I'm pretty sure you just hit sign in and type in your google info, then create a blog. When and if you do, I can help you pretty it up and such! That part was actully pretty hard and took me awhile, but that's only because I taught myself with no help. The cool thing about blogger, is that you can see who views your blog, what type of system they're using, where they're from, and how they got to your page. So right now, I know that there are alot of people that view my blog on iphones and get here mostly from facebook, and I now know that there are some people that google my name. I also know that I get the second most number of views from Russia! HELLO RUSSIANS! Anyways, sorry I didn't mention the orkadorks, so to all of those people out there reading this at the moment the orkadorks from Spotsy got third place and a superior YEAH WOOTWOOT GO ORCHESTRA! I love you Mommy Rooster :3

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Yay!! U dedicated a post just for me!! I feel so special heehee!!!! And the reason I don't have a blog is cuz my parents wont even let me have a fb as u k so there is no way they would let me have a blog....grr i havent asked but they will say no. RAWR Anyways...for anyone reading my comment TODAY IS MY CAT ELLIES BDAY HAPPY BDAY ELLIE I LOVE YOU!!!!! <3 :D I feel like im posting a mini blog in this comment lololol sry cassie!!! heehee so since i am i will put what i am thinking about right now...I NEED TO GO TO DELIAS AND BUY STUFF ok yup im done GOOD LUCK ON UR BIG TEST CHICKLET # 1!!!!!

I have a challenge for you guys! Megan and I got through an HOUR STRAIGHT of this, how long can you last? You aren't allowed to stop watching, even for a fraction of a second. If you have to go to the bathroom, take your iPhone with you. If all fails, just turn the volume up loud enough so you can hear it. Comment on the Nyan Cat post and tell me how long you lasted!