Thursday, May 7, 2009

CRAZY NEWS!!! First Graders Attack 5th Grade!

Earlier we had recess and something happened that never has before- first grade attack. Usually one grade at a time is out there, but not today! First graders swarmed around us, having huge grins spread from ear to ear. Everywhere I looked, a first grader was sure to be in sight. Suddenly, one walked up to me. He wore a camouflage shirt with holey jeans. I knew this kid! He was my brother! He was the worst of them all. As he started to walk closer, I rushed away quickly. The laughing I heard came from my friends. It was unbelievable, when I found out they were helping the first graders!!! It was so sad to find out they had taken over my friends. They ran like lions, chasing their prey. I was sure I was dead when he grabbed me. It felt like a million tigers pulling on me, even though it was just one 8 year old boy. As I screamed, the feeling got worse every second. No one was on my side. The first grade had taken over their minds. Eventually, I jerked around and was finally turned loose. The horrible attack still continued. After a few minutes, I heard a whistle blow. It must have been their signal to leave because they all started flying to their master. I was relieved, but badly hurt. The War Was Over.

Note: Streched Story

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